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I am continuing to think about the dilemma I had as a director. We had to cut down the spreading of germs. Our community had zero tolerance for kids getting sick — at all. And rightly so. However, I also wanted to cut down toxicity. No point in poisoning our kids.
Why is that such a great concern with me? Because I had years of scientific peer reviewed journals that suggested that our high and increasing incidence of learning problems relate to toxicity. Yes, some people profit from you not know this, but it is strongly evidenced by science.
Look, most of the chemicals we use on an everyday basis did not exist in 1930. Very few of them have been tested.
At the same time, we have a great many more health and learning -physiological – problems than we ever have. ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, and sensory integration was not simply normalized, going unrecognized. NO! That is entirely impossible. NO. Instead, we have seen a enormous proliferation of such problems in the past 50 years. It is undeniable. Ask anyone 50 years of age or more.
Similarly, we have biological studies in other species such as fish. We see a bio-maginification such that the fish that eat other fish are more polluted. Further, we see that marine mammals get rid of some of their pollution by passing it to their offspring. For instance, female dolphins are typically less polluted than male dolphins. Their first born usually suffers the most in terms of being polluted from his/her mother. Other children often are less polluted.
Look around and see if this could be true with humans. Are human parents subjected to pollutions? Environmental? food supply? Drugs? Do we see increasing problems through generations? Do we see first borns more likely to have serious newly defined problems?
Just as I said with the statistics on autism: rapid onset means we have an environmental problem, rather than a genetic one. AND THAT IS GOOD NEWS; IT MEANS WE CAN SOLVE THE PROBLEM!
So, while as a center director I might not be able to influence what every family eats or consumes in the way of drugs, I could influence the cleaning solutions that would be used in my center. Let’s start there, having cleaning that is not polluting.
Please let me complete and expand my project to you. Yes, I will urge you to stop taking drugs and to start eating healthy foods, but let me invite you to find with me more healthful ways of preventing the spread of communicable diseases.
Please stay tuned. I have some exciting news! In the meantime, check this out:

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