Lunches From Home Banned by Federal Government???

  • Brown Bag Ban: Fed Gov Tells Preschool Parents No Lunch From Home…ban-fed-gov-tells-preschool-parents-lunchhome

    Brown Bag Ban: Fed Gov Tells Preschool Parents No Lunch From Home Without a … I have received word from Federal Programs Preschool pertaining to lunches from home.

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    Banning home lunches. April 12, 2011 at 3:34 am in News. Today a school in Chicago made news for banning lunches from home, forcing all their students to eat school …

The reports, one from Richmond Virginia and another from Chicago, that schools are enforces a Federal ban on home made lunches except with a doctors note is the news.  Some suggest maybe we should compromise with the ban, since there are some parents who send bad lunches.  The first post above compares what her child’s school serves for lunch compared to what she serves.
Given my observation, the latter is much more common. Even the second post, which is willing to consider the new government position questions the ethical right to countermand decisions by parents.
I think it is inagruable, irrefragable that school lunch menus have been the garbage disposal for agricultural surplus that was grown in less than healthful ways.  In a time when we are seeing many of our rights dramatically reduced if not trampled, and when we see a great deal of government mismanagement if not unconstitutional over-reaching, I would hope that lunchroom managers and directors would show some leadership.
What do you think?

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