News for Family Day Home Operators

I do now how some online courses up, some of which would be good for Family Day Home Operators. How will I let them know about that?  This post!
I would like to reach out to those who take care of children in their homes. Here in Texas, we traditionally call you all “Family Day Home Operators”  but you could be “Home Daycares,””Micro Schools” or “Rent-a-Mom.” LOL
Anyway, I would like to serve you and I can’t call each one of you. It would be best if I could alert you to important items such as an announcement of my coming to your city or online courses being posted, via email. Only email makes it financially feasible. But given the spam laws, you have to “opt-in.”  I know I hate that, because when I do opt in, then I get an avalanche of worthless newsletters, just so I can get the info I want. Well, I won’t do that to you. I won’t avalanche you; I will send you only important announcements. I won’t sell, rent, or share the list either.
So please sign up for announcements. You may unsubscribe at any time, but just remember you did this (rather than saying I spammed you. People do that and that is one reason why marketers say one must send newsletters.)
Oops — still working on getting a sign up form. Until then, just email me at

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  1. I am wanting to connect with you.. we met at Morning Star. I am an Australian woman. I am going to Kenya, Uganda, Israel, Bulgaria and Cambodia and will not be back in Aust til mid Dec.. not sure when I will get back to the States… Have had a busy year.. been twice to Papua New Guinea. for several months… I can see what a busy and accomplished woman you are! I would so appreciate prayers for my next trip……Beverley Fleming.

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