Did you miss the Clean & Green Topic?

When I was a director I noticed that the more we tried to eliminate germs, the more we introduced toxins to the environment.  I was at a loss as to how to do any more.  Now I have some answers.
How much bleach is too much?  If you smell it, it is too much (Wisconsin Department of Health Services).  Further, if your workers are coughing when they use a cleaner, you are endangering the children.
Of course, in Texas the regulations require us to use bleach water, with lower concentrations for things that go in little mouths, and permit EPA cleaners and sterlizing in a dishwasher. But that leaves a lot left to address.  For instance, have you thought about sterlizing the door knobs?  The phone receivers?
I have found a number of technologies that work well for killing microbes. I will keep  you up-to-date as I find good specific solutions. Hydrogen Peroxide is a great cleaner and not toxic. It is possible to clean with steam and there are now some new steam cleaners that use less water and so are less likely to burn your personnel.
There are now some air purifiers that also kill microbes. I do not recommend those that put out ozone because that could damage little one’s lung cells before it hurt adults. There is a new air purifier from Hammacher Schlemmer that uses heat to kill microbes in the air, but it is designed for a small room; I have not been able to inspect this one.  There is a new air purifier, from an inventor in Austin that has a quiet air purifier, good for pollen, that also has a metal cell in it that should kill microbes. He has lab verification on his claims and it is apparent to me that it would not hurt children. Contact me for his information.
Finally, UV-C light offers many possibilities.  UV-C, a certain wavelength found within sunlight, does kills all microbes. Scientific studies show that it can even kill some of the studiest germs like anthrax.  Today hospitals are zapping rooms with a Sanadyne machine between patients. A Sanadyne machine is nothing more than a stand with UV-C light bulbs.  It costs something like $3,000 and can easily damage eyes and skin.
There are UV-C lights that one can put into air conditioning closets that will clean the air and cut down the “gunk” that accumulates in your HVAC system. Indeed not only should this improve air quality but also perhaps pay for itself with reduced electrical bills. I can get one of those for you.
Coming to market now are other applications. I am continuing to research this. If you are interested in what I find, please contact me.
Indeed, if you want copies of the scientific studies I have, I will gladly forward them to you. Remember where you heard it. I am doing everything I can to serve directors — and in-home operators — with the latest info.
If you want to contact me, email me at info@orgstrat.net. I am working toward getting specific solutions. No more sick kids, no more poisoning kids!  You heard it from me.  Call me so I can recommend a solution for your center.

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