Top 5 Organizational Tip as Fresh "Year" Begins

Students are going back to school this week here. Early Childhood teachers are getting the last bulletin board put up. Parents are browsing through aisles of school supplies. There is a fresh breeze of fall discernible, as we launch into heavy traffic.
Here are my top 5 organizational tips.
1. Calendar! This is your best method for being sure things get done. Make a do list and assign time to tasks.
2. Calendar! Also assign some rest time. Take Saturday or Sunday off. Alot one day to rest and one day to home management and be sure you make some time to socialize.
3. Make clear instructions. Our work coordinates with others and it goes best with the coordination is best. Spending time on making clear instructions saves both grief and time.
4. Plan out some planning time. Yearly consider how well you are aiming at your goals. Are your projects in line with your goals? Monthly, take stock of your finances, and tweak your projects to be sustainable. Weekly organize your time to be effective and efficient. In this way, you won’t just go “round the mountain” but you can “take the mountain.
5. Organize your space. Yes, clean your office. Put things back where they belong. Don’t store things in your workspace. Put your tools in order where you can reach them easily. Making things neat and even pretty has value in brightening your day and making work easier.
and extra 6: Plan to learn something useful. Indeed plan to be open to learning.

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