Service in Training

I still bring practical ideas to teachers. Just finished this year’s round of teacher training. Had a great time with some leading teachers.
Ha! They asked for even higher level of information. For a minutes this really crunched, twisted and upset me. The industry is working so very hard to get trainers, and even college instructors, to give less and less info. Yes. Of course, they would be upset by having it put that way. “Active Learning” is what they would call it. Of course, I understand humor and activities and application, but if you press on that button so much that the trainer is not permitted to speak, and if you load up humor and activities that really aren’t related, what you are doing is reducing the content. In some quarter this is exactly what is wanted.
Well, not in this center. I ask what their best training experience has been — so I can shoot in the same direction. “She gave us so much material we couldn’t write fast enough!” WHAT? Oh, this is not what the state folks, the federal folks, the famous professional association wants. But if that is what my client wants, great, let me give that. You want “take aways” — tips for what to do tomorrow? Okay, I gave them 101.
And that is business too: figure out who your customer is, and provide the best solution for your customer. Okay, but what about….all that I am taught to do? Except for ethical naggings, the other voices must be relegated, at best, for another day. If it is good info, offer it to the client, but you are the servant leader; the client decides.So let me know what your needs are – fun or fulsome – and we will fit the bill.

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