Christmas Gifts for Charity

Many of my clients, preschools and companies alike, are looking for a charity to which to donate at these holidays. Let me suggest a charity that Dennis Prager suggests: The Salvation Army. They serve the poorest and they do it on the smallest budget imaginable. Similar  charities can not “hold a candle” to the frugality with which Salvation Army operates. For instance, the CEO of Salvation Army makes only $13,000! That is not true of its competition.
Another possibility is giving gifts to respected charities that give these to people in poor countries, that similarly have a low operating ratios. For instance, World Vision and Christ for India and many others have good reputations and are suggesting various gifts. I gave medical supplies in honor of my close relative who is a doctor and no longer wishes to exchange gifts.
It is a wonderful time to give gifts. Make them count.

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