Accepting Engagements for Spring

I am receiving contacts. “We are on corrective action. Have you got some time?”  Would love to help, but might not have time in the next two weeks. Call before you have an emergency.
“We have an administrator who recommends you highly. Can we talk about our training needs?” Oh yes!
“We are putting on a conference. Will you donate your time.”   Do you ask your doctor, your lawyer, your college to donate their time? I do donate time and money, but I can’t conduct business by failing to charge and then spending money to travel, make handouts… you get the idea.
Now, I do understand that a low cost solution is needed for many teachers. This is coming soon! Soon, I will have more classes online.
Also, would love to be conducting webinars for directors, especially for those in congregationally affiliated centers. If you are interested in either directors’ webinars OR  Judeo-Christian Directors’ group(s) — please email me at

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