Helping Parents who are Home Educators — now, to their surprise!

I’ve helped educators for a long time, as you can see from this website. You may not know it, but I’ve been helping parents, too, on a podcast historically called “The Great Shalom.” You can find it on Apple Podcasts, other platforms, and on my website at : There, you will find a few posts intended for home educators.

However, I understand that there is a pressing need at every level. Some parents are wanting to keep their children at home for a variety of reasons. For some, hybrid is not work. For others, the lack of academic progress is unacceptable. For still others, new revelations about questionable curricula is the issue.

For younger children, “Pods” may be the solution. The entrance into education, reading, and numeracy really does need to be interactive and in 3D. If you want to put a pod together, and need guidance, please call me. I could run maybe a couple of pods in my own neighborhood, but because I have experience in helping my own grandchildren with serious problems overcome these hurdles, and have trained so very many early childhood educators, I can guide you in putting together a program that will out-perform the 2D program of a public school. It will be fun. It will be effective. It will use manipulables, but whatever classroom management style you parents agree upon.

For older children, online learning can work — but again the skill of the educator and the choice of curricula matters. The greatest pain point for the older teens and their parents is college readiness. Again, I can help. I would recommend other math and science offerings. I can, however, put together History & Literature courses, complete with class discussion and therefore an introduction to critical and logical thinking, along with a smattering of writing for college. Offering American History & Literature and Western Civilization & Literature. This will require reading and 2 online class periods a day — very much like a college class room. I have the credentials to teach History in an accredited college — 18 graduate hours. Other courses may be offered, such as study skills, logical/critical thinking, writing for college, grammar, and Sociology in a balanced and scientific manner. A semesters’ course (45 hours of class time) of this nature would be in the range of $500.00. Please contact me directly if you are interested .

Academic testing is also available including school readiness (prior to first grade), Irlen/scoptopic syndrome screening, dyslexia screening, and career choice (Lance Wallnau’s Destiny Dashboard.) Contact me for any questions you may have. SSarles@ NO SPAM (taking the NO SPAM out manually, of course.)

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