This is the application to send in if you want a free chat pursuant to a consulting package.

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APPLICATION FOR CONSULTING Sharon Sarles Seminars/ Organizational Strategies

Our organization is  (circle one) a church,  a congregation/private school, a congregation affiliated Child Development Center, a small business, a large corporation, or non-CDC non-profit.

Our presenting problem is :

If you are not a CDC, what is your business?

What is the mission and vision of the organization?

How many children are you licensed for?            How many enrolled now?

Is your enrollment full? If not, what percentage? If so, how long is your waiting list?

Are you full time or part-time? Full year or closed during the summer?

Relevant stakeholders are : Please  list.

What will happen if there is no change in the problem?

What is your vision of what could, most positively happen?

What changes are you all willing to make to be sure that the best, rather than the worst happen?

How are the finances?  Please characterize in about a paragraph.

                        Annual sales?             

                        Are you making sufficient net income?

                        Is the center supporting the church? Or the church the center?

Who is the Director? How long as he or she been there?

What has been the history with Directors?

Who is the pastor. How long as she or he been there? What has been the history with pastors?

How are the church and school organizationally related?

Who makes the decision regarding consultant retention?

Who makes the decisions in general? What is the authority structure?

Is there someone likely to disagree with bringing in the consultant? If so who? Why? How?

What has been tried in the past?

What will be different this time?