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. If this does not work, then go to the “Self Study” tab and scroll down, below staff training.  Topics include Time Pressures, My 3 Secrets to Hiring Good Staff, The 5 biggest Mistakes Directors Make in Training their Staff, and as a bonus: How to Use and Outside Trainer or Consultant.  Information is free, and only $10.00 per  certificate (either by email or land mail.)  Conflict reduction via correspondence is listed on the Self Study page also.  There is a chapter especially for managers. Look every month for a new topic!
Coaching (meaning individualized one-on-one help you problem solve and  Consulting (meaning helping your organization with its needs) also available.
To stay in the know, sign up for notifications: notifications for directors in Texas   or for let me know if you want to be in a Christian Directors’ Group.
Stay tuned for more services and products especially for directors. Feel free to send me an email letting me know what you need.
Below are the live seminars recognized by The Registry for Administrators, complete with their classification system. Whatever your training or consulting need, please do not hesitate to inquire.
I. Maintain an Effective Organization: Time Management: Choices and Changes 1669
Also  Boardsmanship,  How to Have more Productive Meetings,  How to Keep Employees from Embezzling, and others. Consulting on how to increase enrollment and fundraising.
II. Financial Management :*Financial Records : Keeping it Straight, Clear and Easy (Basics of Accounting for Family Day Homes) 1699
Also Quickbook  training but not Tech support.  For bookkeeping, I recommend Cheryl Dehut.  For business plan review, I recommend Gary Hoover.
III. Maintain a Healthy and Safe Environment : Green and Clean for Directors 1851   (avoid epidemics and lower toxicity)
IV. Personnel Management : Godzilla or Geck0 – Firing or Retaining 1698
also productive reviews,  secrets to hiring good employees, improving productivity, reducing conflict, changing center culture (Ask about Orientation, Orientation in a Binder, and  Pack of Forms.)
V. Implementing a Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum
*Scientific Program Evaluation 1748
*Assessments that Help – With Your Questions about Special Needs Answered
*Diversity: Getting Where We Want to Go 1700
VI.  Ability to Institute Family-Centered Programming
*Calming Storms: Conflict Reduction for Directors (including topics such as diagnosing level of conflict in your center,  intervening, and training for lowered conflict) 1980
VII. Professionalism and Ethics: Reflecting on Ethics in Early Childhood 2315
For more on coaching, and consulting (including board or pastoral relations), click here.


  1. Dear spiritual brother in christ.

    Greetings of love ,peace be to you and your kind family and ministry in the mighty name of our lord and saviour jesuschrist,

    Iam poor servant of god . at once my family ground that we are Hindu gentiles . during my boy

    hood days my parents were died I have no parents how is that I was studied in one of Christian orphan Home after ward my education completed .i was sacrificed and dedicated my life to do the gods work in his grapes garden and underwent to the Bible training and ordination in the name of jesus . I have been caring the lords work for a long time and fulltime independently at 1. MARUTERU 2. PENUGONDA and surrounding villages my mottoes to win souls for coming Jesus and feed the orphans and widows and poor people and I my self my family and all the church members are praying for my ambition since several years. I like orphans because I am orphan and knows orphan pain I have run an orphan home only 9 orphan children please pray for orphan children daily needs some time iam unable to all needs . and i have care for old peoples same of old peoples living road side no any relatives and not good shelters i have giving food and cloths and etc.. i hope fully care for older people but i have no any founds pl pray for them and charitable works. pl pray for our ambition and work fruitfully our lord has spoken with you about my ambition and also many people feeding for their well future that you has given great suggestions in the name of jesus I would like to fellowship with you

    we are hearty invite to you our india and see our lors work I have construction one church completed but not complet windows and doors because i wanted church windows and doors . pl pray for another place wanted construction new church .no church another place conducting worship service one of the our believers house some time many problems conducting worship because not construction church. our church beliver is very poor not giving funds pl pray for new construction church works and needs pl help and advice may god bless you and all we are waiting for your kind reply soon .

    Please pray for us

    Yours brother in christ

    Pastor. Srinivasa rao rapaka


    P.O.BOX- 7,

    MARUTERU- 534122.


    • orgstrat

      Hello Pastor Rao.
      My advice is that you contact Christ for India started by the Titus family, in Bee Munipatnam, especially since you are in Andra Pradesh.
      We support them because we know that the work they are doing is good and real.
      We do not and could never support the people who contact us randomly on the internet because we can not tell if they are real or good.
      God bless you.

    • orgstrat

      We receive requests of this kind nearly everyday. Of course, even if we had money to contribute, we would not, because we can not verify the truthfulness of these claims. Anyone can, and apparently does, write on the internet for money. Even if we knew these people, it is not the focus of this ministry to build church buildings. This site is one advertising training, consulting, managerial coaching. Yes, much of our client base has been church affiliated preschools. While this is a business, because the rate for business consulting is about 1/10th that of business consulting in the corporate world, i have impoverished myself because of the choice. So it is a ministry. It is quite pathetic that poor Christians are asking money from other poor Christians, while the rich Christians expect deep discounts — because somehow why? But that is the situation.

      So here is my advice. 1) Do for yourself what you can do. It is wrong from American Christians to support those who are either lazy or are poor because they are worshipping false gods. Not saying that this request falls into that category necessarily, but many do. 2) Work through channels where people can know you. I realize that denominations are very stultifying and deadening, however, there must be some way to verify who you are. A random request over the internet does not serve your interest. A relationship, by contrast can gain money, but more importantly, monetoring advice. 3) Ask people to do something that they can do and is within their calling. Do you want some training for running your preschool? Then that is a good request to make of me. 4) Charge market for what you do and give scholarships where you think it would genuinely help — or where god tells you to give.

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