Here is the FREE employee performance evaluation form I promised. You do not even have to credit me — unless you are a trainer. (Of course, if you are a trainer, and you use it without crediting me, that is stealing. This is a gift to my participant directors.)  You should be able to cut and paste directly from this page. Then you can change the form for your particular needs. If you prefer a pdf, then let me know.  Please do share any suggestions you have — something may be needed in your center that I have not thought of — via email to


Your Center

Date_____________ Name of Employee _______________________________


Two Week __ One Month __ Six Month __ First Year __ Annual __

Mission/Vision Statement of Center

How employee meets expectations re Mission & vision of center

Improvements that can be made to better express mission and vision of center

  1. Job Description Item 1 __________(_Most important)__________________

Appreciated attributes/performance _________________________________________________________________________________


Requested changes

_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Level of performance Critical __ Needs Improvement __ Adequate __ Very Good __ Excellent __

2. Make items for each major job description duty, copying above


If you have more than about 7, start grouping


Takes direction

Works collaboratively and cooperatively with others (Notice NOT “works well with others” because if you have a team that is doing poor work, this enforces that your top performer not excel in order to fit in and not risk irking others. Always remember that your measures influence how people behave – so – consider your measures carefully. )

Summary (Here put 3 top things you appreciate about the employee’s performance and a short list, in order of importance of the things you want changed.)

Employee’s comments (You must have this. Rebuttals and thanks go here.) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Supervisor’s Name ________________________ Signature ______________ Date __________

Employee’s Name ________________________ Signature ______________ Date __________

File a copy in your locked employee file. Make a copy available to employee in timely fashion.

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