Resources for teachers

Deborah J. Stewart helpfully passes on good resources for preschool teachers. Here is a a great one: Teach_Preschool Early Childhood 30 more blogs about play, creativity, nature and family #ece #preschool #teachpreschool   Here is another: preschoolers Preschool activity of the day: Blast Off with a Homemade Rocket Ship!   And another…

Teaching Algebra, Geometry with Montessori Materials

Daniel Jutras, Ph.D. shows how to use Montessori materials like the pink tower (and of course the trinomial cube) to teach many things including Pythagorean Theorem, geometry, basic algebra and of coure the trinomial equation. Free. Thanks, Dr. Jutras! and Thaks to Swan Mai for passing it along! Click to access Daniel%20Jutras%20Handout_2007.pdf