Destiny Discovery: Find Your Calling

My new seminar, called Destiny Discovery is aimed at helping juniors and seniors (in private schools or clubs) find their vocation. One day experience, rooted in science and faith.

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Employee Training

For corporations, specializing in conflict rection and customer service. Teacher training for private schools. Now, some online!

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Help for new Managers & CDC Directors

Coaching for managers, small business owners, and boards. 5 hours online for CDC Directors

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School Teacher Suspended for Blog Natalie M., a school teacher in Pennsylvania, is suspended with pay this morning over a personal blog in which she characterized the students she teaches, in a general way and not individually, as rude, unengaged, demanding, and having an entitlement mentality. Apparently she also posted some tongue and check remarks that one might want…

Importance of Play

Here is another article, also urging play over kill-and-drill for preschoolers. I am for hands-on, but I want to be clear that play is not aimless.  I would not urge aimless, non education  during school. “Drill and kill” may be correctly labeled. Early childhood educators should be well aware of the importance of play.…

Play based curricula versus Drill& Kill I am sure that most of my early childhood education friends will enjoy this article, urging play based curricula. The authors wonder why the nation does not more readily adopt this view. Let me tell you why, from the Sociological angle. The nation is increasingly skeptical of “soft” policies because the nation’s results, especially…