Destiny Discovery: Find Your Calling

I know you want all of your graduates to success, do well, and be a shining testimony to your school. You hope for a good transition to college, training, or workplace. You have given them everything you could. Are they inspired for the next step? Sure it will lead to their calling? To their contribution to Kingdom expansion and common betterment? I am offering a new workshop for Juniors and Seniors to help them find their Vocation, their Calling. Every calling to service is holy, and we hope that every student, every citizen can feel the flow of God’s Spirit in their life and work. My new seminar, called Destiny Discovery helps aim that arrow.

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Employee Training

Teacher training for pirvate schools, all aspects of Early Childhood (Registry Recognized in Texas) and other basic employee training. Now, some online!

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Help for CDC Directors & and new Managers

One on one training for managers, owners of preschools, board training, and learning effectiveness. Assessments for learning problems, school readiness,vocation.New: Lance Wallnau's Destiny Dashboard. New: Irlen Syndrome..

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Importance of Play

Here is another article, also urging play over kill-and-drill for preschoolers. I am for hands-on, but I want to be clear that play is not aimless.  I would not urge aimless, non education  during school. “Drill and kill” may be correctly labeled. Early childhood educators should be well aware of the importance of play.…

Play based curricula versus Drill& Kill I am sure that most of my early childhood education friends will enjoy this article, urging play based curricula. The authors wonder why the nation does not more readily adopt this view. Let me tell you why, from the Sociological angle. The nation is increasingly skeptical of “soft” policies because the nation’s results, especially…