Destiny Discovery: Find Your Calling

My new seminar, called Destiny Discovery is aimed at helping juniors and seniors (in private schools or clubs) find their vocation. One day experience, rooted in science and faith.

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Employee Training

For corporations, specializing in conflict rection and customer service. Teacher training for private schools. Now, some online!

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Help for new Managers & CDC Directors

Coaching for managers, small business owners, and boards. 5 hours online for CDC Directors

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Great Find for Educators!

Most of my clients are managers of preschools. Most such have little business and managerial background, so to fill that need, and the usual interest of most managers, I have been posting current management topics. However, most preschool educators care most about education and young children. So today, with all due respect to the typical…

Leaders are the #1 Servers

#1. Forgetting who serves who. Leaders serve others so others can serve others. It’s easy to begin thinking the people around you are there to serve you. Repeat to yourself, “I’m here to bring out the best in others.” #2. Blaming rather than taking ownership. The first question real leaders ask when someone under-performs is, […]…

Fourth of July in "Children's Church"

Here are a few free resources to help you plan children’s church for Independence Day week-end. Have a great 4th of July holiday. Children’s Sermons via Kidmin Independence Day Lessons — Revival Fire For Kids Usually this blog carries something for managers of all kinds — whether in a school or in a business. But…

Looking Around at the Milestone Markers: Where Have We Come?

It is graduation time. After the celebration and the well-wishing for our graduating students, let’s take a few minutes to assess where education is. I know, we are all very interested in taking off, going for summer, sitting by a pool; but just a minute, let’s see how we as educators and administrators are doing.…

Make a Smarter Team

Lots of managers complain that their team is not as smart as they would like — or as hard working. Guess what.. the old saying about pointing out someone else means more fingers are pointing at you. Learn how to motivate and set your team free to achieve their potential. Great management doesn’t come naturally. …