Here are some lists you can sign up for notifications. None of these are ongoing training either in newsletter or live online; those are coming, but will cost. These are just for notifications.
Directors in Texas LIST  (any director who wants to be on the newsletter mailing list. Free. )
This is for the folks who care for children in their homes: free newsletter: click here
CDC Staff Participants LIST  (anyone who has been to one of my seminars and wants to have notifications) free notifications.
Judeo -Christian Directors’ Group Online The previous lists for various cities are gone. The JCC has been hosting us and we are more than happy to have them; that is why the name is “Judeo-Christian” now. Please join our “everywhere” group. Virtual meetings 2nd Monday 7:00pm – about 8:00p.  Get in on the first one: March 9.  But put your self on this list ONLY if you have already signed up by paying on PayPal. This is a paid up list. Honor system.

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