CONSULTING  for improved education, school, workgroup culture, conflict reduction, board training, improved workflow processes, better communication,  and membership recruitment.

          I help people work together better.

          I can bring some scientific program evaluation tools if that is helpful.

          If you want to end with good result, start with good premises informing good character.


Ever wonder if you can ever get out the organizational morass you are in?  Fact is, most organizations do not find a way out. Social structures are stronger than individuals. Unless there is a miracle.  There are a few people who pull off that kind of miracle, and Sharon is one of them. It takes real insight into organizational behavior, structural patterns, management theory, often theology and child development/pedagogy. On top of that implementing any insight takes coaching, training, meeting facilitating skills, and often boardsmanship mastery. Usually it takes conflict reduction and often it takes risking some conflict.

Are you ready to step up to a healthy future? Are you ready to change? Take the medicine?

Consulting is organizational change creating. It will include original research to find history and perspectives. It will include coaching the leaders. It might include a number of meetings. It should certainly include follow-up.  This is organizational problem-solving, leadership, and shepherding. It might included sheep-dogging, but amazingly often, all it takes is the unlocking of the right door.

If you want a solution, and need a problem solver, Sharon can help you. Sharon will find the smallest change possible for the largest result. You, however, will have to cooperate with and be the change. If you are up for it, please fill out the application form HERE, and send it to Sharon at

We no longer do consulting by the hour — or pro bonobecause it just doesn’t work.  The client has to be willing to work with us toward change. We want to produce real results for our clients, not collude with lying even unknowingly maybe to all. So from now on we offer only:

Consulting Packages, including pre- and post-testing, a full inquiry, personal coaching for managers, exercises for implementation, and follow-up visits.

Standard Premium package (e.g. fundraising, board training, director orientation, or whatever organizational issue you have, 1 hour meeting weekly for 3 months  plus resources)  $3,000.

Full package (like supporting a church that is starting a center for one year, with one hour weekly meeting and 3 onsite meetings)  at $10,000 + all travel expenses.

Free,  hour consultation to make a proposal.  Fill out the application form , and email it with a request for an interview. After we chat, we can fill it out entirely and make a contract.