Here is the disciplinary form I promised.  In any case. you will probably want to change it up for your situation. You should be able to cut and paste directly from this page.  Please do remember me for your training and consulting needs.




Employee Name ______________________ Position _____________________________

Problem __________(brief, objective, timely)____________________________________________



Action needed to correct problem _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Type of Discipline

Date _______ __Counseling _ 1st Written Warning __ 2nd Warning __ 3rd Warning ___Firing

Date _______ __Counseling _ 1st Written Warning __ 2nd Warning __ 3rd Warning ___Firing

Date _______ __Counseling _ 1st Written Warning __ 2nd Warning __ 3rd Warning ___Firing

I recommend that 2nd and third warnings be on orange paper.


After 2 warnings, continued problem behavior will result in firing.

Employee comment _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Agreements (Here should be a short list of objective, verifiable behaviors that you are requesting. To be on safe legal grounds, you should insure that these are items that you require from any employee in the same position, and not items relating to a person’s cultural background.)


(Tip from conflict reduction book follows. It is not nearly so important that you and employee agree about what happened in the past, as it is to agree on how to proceed in the future. If you agree on how to proceed, and how to work things out if the ideal procedure can not be accomplished, then you have done all this is necessary.)

Employee Signature ___________________________________ Date _______________

Supervisor Signature ___________________________________ Date ____________

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