So happy to be at the conference for the Texas Classical Association. Here are some takeaways in which teachers might be interested.

The Government is not a Village Point by point, in a more ordered way, takes up the problems presented by It Takes a Village, reviews the reverse progress made by the author’s policies, and makes a few suggestions about how to proceed in a better way.

Learn at Home for Great Shalom Soup to nuts methodology for the home educator, meaning that this helps an educator ask ALL the questions in order to plan for ALL the educational needs of her children, rather than merely replicate government education without addressing special needs.

Bible stories integrated into the curriculum

Workjobs  by Baratta-Lorton  (are several in a series) These are manipulative lessons designed inexpensively for an inner-city school

Montessori in the Home by Hainstock– standard do it yourself start

Nienhius – original standard, high-quality Montessori Equipment

Olaf – another source, American

AliExpress – less expensive Montessori equipment and not necessarily authentic at all

How to Start a Daycare/Preschool as a Mission – the book

Teach a Child, Change a NationOnline course, step by step in how to start a preschool, assuming you have an adequate place . Covers more than the book does