Imagine your staff taking your direction, working as a team, and admirably meeting the organization’s mission — committed to highest service.
For Any Staff:
*Conflict reduction, diversity and better meetings.
*Customer Service is a Slam-Dunk!
For Educators  (Texas Clock Hours will be available for CDC staff, and Con Ed Hours available for Texas Public School Educators):
Here are seminars recognized by The Registry.
      *Positive Guidance  *Teacher/Child Interaction
     *Number One Secret to Academic Success

    *How to Be a Good Employee Here
   *Assessments that Help   (Topic may include understanding various assessment methods, introduction to some instruments, and how to discuss with parents, and how to appropriately use knowledge from assessments in curricular planning. )
     * Developmental Stages – Introductory or Pre-Service

     *Infants and Toddlers – Scaffolding Development

     *Clean and Green    (This can be aimed at brand new assistant teachers or be more cutting edge for even experienced personnel.)
     *Montessori for Everybody

* First Step in Problem Solving – Active Listening
* Introduction to Sensory Integration Problems

     * Tolerant Teaching and Teaching Tolerance (Beginning, Intermediate or Advanced.) (Acclaimed seminar! No one is more strongly positioned to teach this. No one.

     *Job One: Orientation to Discipline and Guidance (can be combined with How to be a Good Employee for pre-service training.)
   *Pre-service training, including how to be a good employee and state discipline standards  – 8 hours  (coming soon in self study and in Spanish)
*Professionalization training : after first 90 days, another seminar to reinforce high standards and begin to think like a professional. Will encourage further education.
*Conflict Reduction (including such topics as self-management, Active Listening, Assertiveness, Resolving a Conflict, Diagnosing Team Conflict, and How to Handle Difficult People.)
*Customer Service (or how to deal with parents)
*Teamwork – How to work better with other teachers, and your boss
*Teaching Diversity in a Diverse Society

*How to Plan a Curriculum

 *Preparing the Environment : Setting up an Effective Classroom

 *Understanding Special Learning Needs



*Maximizing Brain Development

and of course SIDS, Shaken Baby and Brain development
For more information, email for detailed menu of topics. To book call today, as  Sharon’s schedule fills quickly. Everyone wants training on the same days, you know!

From someone who has been a director, a professor, and a pastor over a director has Montessori diploma, and graduate degrees, and been an Austin Families’ Fix It Consultant.  Has run and owned businesses and worked with boards. Has been training since 1989 and consulting with business owners since 1998
Has a reputation for really listening. Compassion and truthtelling, as well as unflinching integrity. Will come to your center, see things how you see them, and stay with you, if you desire. Many years of experience consulting with special needs students, parents, and educators.  Brings her problem solving ability to you, Aiming at bringing the smallest change for the largest impact.
Complete  seminars menu available, including topics.  Seminars may vary in length, depending upon topics and length ordered.
Actual staff comments on confidential evaluation forms
“Very insightful”
“Helpful tips on listening”
“It was very informative.”
“Good ideas”
“Topic relevant to us”
“Great ideas and group discussion”
“More time”