Destiny Discovery

Our newest product is the Destiny Discovery workshop, complete with guidance and instruments to help you (or your son or daughter) discover your calling in life. This is a specific set of steps to find one’s calling in life, one’s vocation, one’s career direction. Vital for those starting out, going to college, or seeking a more meaningful work life. Taylor-made for your students in your private school. Based in solid research, long-standing use, and updated for today’s job markets. Workshop may be in group or individually. Followup coaching group available soon.

Included is the importance of a correct understanding of calling/vocation (tailored to your denomination(s), several written instruments grounded in long-standing science, updated with current workplace choices and some resources for each student to take away.

Finding one’s calling is also sensing your holy vocation, getting guidance for most meaningful career and expanding the Kingdom. All of this how you can make the world a better place and launch you into your best life. Sharon can talk about this from the angle that your group uses. Instrument will match the person’s personality traits to the traits needed in various professions. We believe that natural gifts, heart desires, and spirituality works together.

Here are some references:

Answering the Call in the Spirit by Prof. Terry L. Cross (Lee University)

Warrior: Understanding the Furious Love of the God Who Fights for You by Ed Rush

Theories of Career Development by Samuel H. Osipow

Dictionary of Holland Occupational Codes by Gary Gottfredson and John L. Holland

Please contact me to schedule.

Normally, a school likes to have me for a full day with the students along with a previous week-night for a meeting with parents. If more than 10 students sign up at $397 each (paid by family but collected ahead of time by school) then there is no cost to the school for the workshop. Other meetings and services are separate. Alternatively, for the cost of $3,000 for a day and the previous evening, the school may offer this as a benefit to their community. (In any case, the school must forward half the amount to me when booking the date and the other half upon delivery of workshop.)

I do offer subsequent guidance privately, if the family desires. Of course, I continue to offer my usual teacher training, and basic management training. I offer school readiness screening for the little ones, and hope to offer several more kinds of screening for academic problems.  All of these should be offered on a different day from the Destiny Discover workshops.

FOR INDIVIDUALS – I am getting so much enthusiasm from individuals, that I am need to add an individual option. Destiny Discovery is for someone beginning the journey to find their calling at whatever age; while Destiny Dashboard is about mid-career assessment and covers more than career choice only. So, what if an individual wants to go through Destiny Discovery? Call me to ask questions, see if this is right for you, and set up appointment in Austin, then send $480 for set of materials which I will send electronically, and get 2 hours private time to discuss materials. Paypal button for Destiny Discovery Individual (which accepts credit cards too.)

And for early adopters: significant discount: $360.00 Materials and 2 hours privately . Snap this limited time offer up. If you see the PayPal button here, push it!

FOLLOW-UP – I do plan a group monthly online coaching session to help students apply for and get into college. This is not yet set up. It will have an annual price. FORTHCOMING

Individuals may set up private follow-up sessions either in Austin, Texas or online. Investment: $120/hour.

Destiny Dashboard

You are working. Is this the right vocation? Have you truly found your calling? You are underway, but what are the road signs telling you? Are you on the right path? At the right speed?

This is an assessment for life and career — created by Lance Wallnau, from whom I am certified to offer this Destiny Dashboard. I have come to think this vocation propulsion is so very important that I want to help people through this important step. This is keyed directly into the 7 Mountain Mandate. This is typically for adults who are already working. Includes both career and life assessment. Please contact me to schedule. Face to face about two – 2 hours session (so about 4 hours) . ($480 w my c2015 material OR buy Lance’s new, slightly improved, materials and $297 for live interaction with me.)

Or for a group, which is best, full a day $3,000 + travel expenses.

Alternatively, see Dr. Lance Wallnau’s ecourse Destiny Dashboard . $395 to Lance Learning

Career Console

You are sure of your calling. You are flying high. You have lots of dials to consider. Are you going to get to the airport before the tank runs dry? Are you making all of the miles you want? Is your little craft going to hang together? Are you a spitfire? A Cessna? Or an F-15? It is mostly good. What are the dials telling you? Straight and level? Hawing?

New, similar assessment, to consider balance and tweaking in a professional or solo-preneur life. Focuses on life mission, adherence in practice, and time management. Both motivational and practical. About 2 one hour meetings. Be a beta-tester!