Coaching for those seeking their calling in life, including teens, please see Destiny Discovery Page.

Coaching for Childcare Directors, Principals and New Managers

Coaching is all the work I do with individuals. Please see the Destiny Dashboard/Career Console page or the Academic Assessment (includes any special learning needs) page from the drop down menu.  Please contact me about your need. I’d be delighted to help

Coaching  for Owners, Directors, Managers, Principals and Pastors and other professionals

Individual Coaching

Once the exclusive benefit of the highest level executives, and then only after a high priced program or in conjunction with consulting,  is now available in a range of soft skills. Areas include time management, conflict reduction, customer service, diversity management, American etiquette, and workgroup management.

Help especially for private education. Many have been promoted from educator to manager… and face a steep learning curve. I can help! I have helps many others — for over 20 years. Confidential if necessary! Also, how to coordinate with a board of directors!

Sharon can help you, manage yourself and your staff to have focused and productive days.   Diagnosis, exploration and problem solving with you.  Sharon offers real, executive style coaching. She listens, she asks questions, she prompts. She may give some expert information. This is NOT just going over some body else’s set of forms!

Time management : Are your managing time or are  your employees managing it for you? Or is it not being managed at all? Are your employees following your direction or taking you and the workgroup with them? Are you satisfied that you are helping customers or students in the right way, to the maximum you can? Or is conflict distracting you? Do you have the money you need to work with? Are you getting the word out? Or are you being sucked down a strange time drain? Start blossoming out. Grow and fruit. Start now. Take Action.

Time tested help with training your staff to be self-sufficient to the right degree. The challenge is real but it can be overcome. It can be better. Sharon can help!

Do you know anyone who will come to your office, listen to you, help you sort out your problem, and bring her years of wide experience to bear for you? Sharon will. Get a coach who knows early childhood and business — and the church context if you need that too!

Competitive pricing for seminars. Knock-out pricing for coaching; a fraction of the cost of corporate consulting. Make use of this NOW.

Email with suggested times for a phone appointment. Sharon will stay with you through your problem, if you desire. Yes, if you are a Texas CDC director, you may get training credit for any coaching that is relevant to the Texas Core Competencies  (and if it is about your work as a director, I’m sure it will be.)

Traditionally the cost has been $120.00 an hour. Much more effective, and less expensive in the long run: Coaching package: 10 sessions for $997. only. The most expensive is staying with your problems, losing credibility, sales, your license, all your assets, even your career.  But coaching guaranteed (of course, we can not guarantee YOUR work, just ours. We guarantee to work with you, answer your questions, or your money back, if after 3 sessions you do not believe we can help. )

Call now to book your time — a very limited number of slots available!

Would you have this consultant back? “Every day!” Phillip Merritt, ABC Preparatory Academy, Austin
“Sharon did a great job.”  Pam Rutledge, Family Tree CDC

“I even bought a book she recommended & it was great” Would you work with this consultant again?  “Definitely”  Jan Kokoszka, St. Mark’s Day School

“Sharon Sarles’ consultation on Record Keeping was very beneficial for me”  Wanda Brooks, Family Day Home
“I enjoyed working with Sharon and got to know lots of things which I didn’t know before & looking forward to working with her again.” Smanatha Weeraratne, In Home Montessori School

“She shared many situations similar to the [ones] I’m experiencing with solutions to them.”  Armandina Flores, Escuelita Alma Learning Center

PLEASE CONTACT ME ABOUT MONTHLY GROUP CONFERENCE CALL for Texas CDC Directors  or online interactive COACHING at  You can be on the inside, one of the elite who start this project with me.  Affordable, yet at a higher level than training. Coaching.

My most requested related training topics are :
*Time Management for Directors : Making the Impossible, Possible
*Stress Management for Directors : From Someone Who Has Been There
*Deal with Godzilla like you are St. George : Staff Discipline
*Dealing with Difficult People
*Reducing Conflict
*Boardsmanship : Training your Board, Interfacing with the Pastor
*Transform Your Staff into a Terrific Team
* How to Increase Enrollment
*Records Management – at whatever size your center is
*From Babysitting to Business – Thinking Like an Entrepreneur

I started out consulting as an organizer for small businesses, and then has a trainer who could also do the pre- and post-testing so that we made a major change in the company rather than just having another seminar. Then I branched out into meeting facilitation (structure meetings helping professionals agree and plan.) Many directors receiving individualized training and had no idea that this level of consulting was available. Well, normally it is not available for this price, but this is very close to my heart and very rewarding for me.

Full menus of training for Directors and for staff is available. Please call or email at  for more information.  (Yes, I handle most areas of directing and managing. Yes, I will tell you if your area of concern is not one of my specialties.)