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Pre-Service Binder  Directors have told me that they needed one. Most are too old and do not meet current Minimum Standards Requirements.   Many are text only. The most popular one is, according to them, full of fluff.  So I made 8 hours of pre-service training, exactly like Minimum Standards specifies, all on CD, along with a few pages of exercises, easy multiple choice tests, answers, and certificate — so you can photocopy it as many times as you need. High content. A few added comments for the Christian and church affiliated schools. Always alike. Always ready.  Only $200 +$7.00 postage.
Please tell me what else you need.   I have found some things that I wish I had known about when I was a director.  Contact me via land mail, with a check at P.O. Box 971 Cedar Park, Texas 78630
Financial Records: Keeping it Straight, Clear, and Easy for Family Day Home Operators (In-Home Childcare businesses)  1 CD with packet including forms that can be duplicated  $25.00
Swim with the Dolphins, Not with the Sharks  conflict reduction for workplace
For other books, including study skills, book on homeschooling methodology, devotional works, and prayer group study for parents, please see:

Swim with the Dolphins, Not With the Sharks
Trade paperback containing definite techniques for being peaceful, productive and playful with your workgroup. 2002 Exclusive price direct from publisher $20.00. (Also available on )
“Practical set of tools to resolve conflict in ways that are both assertive and harmonious.” –Jeff Johannigman, Johannigman & Associates
“There is no doubt that those of us who use these principles will simplify our lives and avoid unneccessarily stressful situations.” — Don Ramey, retired, President of Sprigs of Texas

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Exclusive price direct from publisher $20.00.
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Swim with the Dolphins, not the Sharks : Peace Skills Training Manual for my peace skills seminar. Limited quantities.  Contact me today to secure yours.  $15.00  each (quantity discounts for staff training. Very limited quantity, so act now. )
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The Government is not a Village.  Paperback 108 pages, picks up the dialog about the worsening statistics, but gets beyond polemics to offers a way forward, based on robust research and the nation’s tradition. Character training is the biggest predictor of academic success. So let’s applaud rather than hinder congregation affiliated schools and let’s restore character training to public school and public preschools.

Learn at Home for Great Shalom – for parents who wish to supervise their students’ education AND development, consider all special, and know where to look for help and curricula.

English Spelling Patterns – written for my grandsons as a reference work on spelling, has proven to be a valuable document for adult learners of English as a second language. English has no rules; but it does have some patterns. This will help you know how to say a word when you see it, as well as spell it if you have never seen it.