Offering assessments related to learning primarily for congregational private schools.

Particularly useful and rare:  norm based testing of school readiness for pre-K students, including explanation for parents.

Finally, have a test you can be sure of —  and a method that takes the fear away from you and your staff.  Just like you have a professional to come  in to do eye and ear screening, so you can now have a professional in to do school readiness testing.  Here is a positive way to ensure that your curricula is geared to the needs of each child, have a quantifiable way to brag about your results, and a way to insure that any needed referrals get made in a positive manner for all.

Bargain price for Kaufmann SEALs at $60.00 each child. This is a NORM-Based assessment of school readiness. Very handy! Testing day separate from Parent Reporting day, because scoring and preparation is necessary.  Travel expenses, outside of Austin, are in addition.

Other tests are available, including Dyslexia and Irlen Screening.  IQ testing is not available.  Please inquire about your needs.

I am happy to “translate” reports from psychologists and help faculty or family devise learning plans based on the recommendations. Diagnoses should NOT function as death-knells, but be used as guidance to educators.

Will also work with Child Development Centers and private schools to develop good criterion based measures for pre-K classrooms.