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Coaching for Administrators in Christian schools and preschool

ONLINE recognized, management TRAINING for childcare  Directors with Instant clock hours!  Listen right  right now:  

. If this does not work, then go to the “Self Study” tab and scroll down, below staff training.  Topics include Time Pressures, My 3 Secrets to Hiring Good Staff, The 5 biggest Mistakes Directors Make in Training their Staff, and as a bonus: How to Use and Outside Trainer or Consultant.  Information is free, and only $10.00 per  certificate (either by email or land mail.)  Conflict reduction via correspondence is listed on the Self Study page also.  There is a chapter especially for managers. Look every month for a new topic!
Coaching (meaning individualized one-on-one help you problem solve and  Consulting (meaning helping your organization with its needs) also available.
To stay in the know, sign up for notifications: notifications for directors in Texas   or for let me know if you want to be in a Christian Directors’ Group.
Stay tuned for more services and products especially for directors. Feel free to send me an email letting me know what you need.

Below are the live seminars recognized by The Registry for Administrators, complete with their classification system. Whatever your training or consulting need, please do not hesitate to inquire.
I. Maintain an Effective Organization: Time Management: Choices and Changes 1669
Also  Boardsmanship,  How to Have more Productive Meetings,  How to Keep Employees from Embezzling, and others. Consulting on how to increase enrollment and fundraising.
II. Financial Management :*Financial Records : Keeping it Straight, Clear and Easy (Basics of Accounting for Family Day Homes) 1699
Also Quickbook  training but not Tech support.  For bookkeeping, I recommend Cheryl Dehut.  For business plan review, I recommend Gary Hoover.
III. Maintain a Healthy and Safe Environment : Green and Clean for Directors 1851   (avoid epidemics and lower toxicity)
IV. Personnel Management : Godzilla or Gecko – Firing or Retaining 1698
also productive reviews,  secrets to hiring good employees, improving productivity, reducing conflict, changing center culture (Ask about Orientation, Orientation in a Binder, and  Pack of Forms.)
V. Implementing a Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum
*Scientific Program Evaluation 1748
*Assessments that Help – With Your Questions about Special Needs Answered
*Diversity: Getting Where We Want to Go 1700
VI.  Ability to Institute Family-Centered Programming
*Calming Storms: Conflict Reduction for Directors (including topics such as diagnosing level of conflict in your center,  intervening, and training for lowered conflict) 1980
VII. Professionalism and Ethics: Reflecting on Ethics in Early Childhood 2315
For more on coaching, and consulting (including board or pastoral relations), click here.


  1. Dear Pastor/Bishop


    My name is Daudi Thomas Msimbe…..Pastor and founder of Great Vision Pentecostal Church and Ministry of People Shipping Centre. We thank God for the registration of our ministry, now that we are known by our Government, we are able to do our ministry openly and freely, also to share what we do with our friends and partners out there.

    We have been working mostly inside church, teaching and equipping church members with the knowledge of God’s word, so that they can be ready to go out there and making others desciples.

    We have been thinking of reaching more to the society now, doing mercy ministries.We are planning on visiting prisoners, the sick and the less privileged, though we don’t have much to offer but we want to start with the little we have..We know the love of God will manifest through us and their lives will be touched, as we do that we will also be sharing the gospel and offer some prayers.

    We want to do door to door evangelism as well as visiting our local schools, there are alot of children and youth that we can teach Gods word also talk about youth stuff like how to eat healthy, some challenges they face as they are growing.

    We would like you to partner with us in prayers or in any other ways you can.

    Looking forward to hear from you, pease don’t hesitate to ask us questions or offer some ideas in any of the areas we have mentioned, thank you in advance.

    Yours in building the kingdom of God,.

    Greet all believers in the name of the Lord (1 Thess 5:26) first of all we need your prayers us.

    You are Welcome.

    Senior Pastor Daudi Msimbe.
    Founder & Director
    Great Vision Pentecostal Church and Ministry of People Shipping Centre
    P.O.BOX 13437
    Arusha Tanzania
    East Africa.

    +255 755 56 5473,

    LinkedIn- Daudi Msimbe
    Facebook -Daudi Msimbe
    Facebook -Daudithomasmsimbe
    Facebook – Bishop Daudi Msimbe Ministries


    Attached herewith please find the following.

    • orgstrat

      Dear Pastor Msimbe,
      While I am sympathetic, appeals of this nature can not be responded to because we can not tell if people asking for money on the internet are real or scam artists. I hope you found some teacher training info that was helpful here, however, appeals for money are not appropriate on a site like this. You may correspond on LinkedIn. Please also check out — which may be even more applicable. Blessings on your work.

    • orgstrat

      I do not know. It is widely available — at least for horses. And was widely available for humans until the plandemic. A quick internet search brought up this:

      USA Clears Ivermectin For Human Use – The Pharma Letter

      In the USA, the Food and Drug Administration has approved Merck & Co’s Stromectil (ivermectin) for its first non-veterinary use, the chemotherapy of two …

      The same search, brought up the full print out of a package! At this point, I would be careful that anything you buy is from a reputable and safe source. Also, you might check helpful authorities on non-prescription even less expensive alternatives.

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