Independent study of all kinds right here.  Online for staff and in-home, correspondence, and online for directors at bottom of page.
Yes, I am recognized by The Texas Registry in all areas, so your licensing rep will accept all of these trainings, with proper certificate.  (Also recognized by the State of Louisiana Department of Education.) (Information is free, but to get a certificate, send in a copy of your test and payment. If you have a coupon code for free training, send that in your email or letter; your coupon-code will be your payment. . Via land mail only $10.00 with a self-addressed, stamped envelope.)
1. SIDs

From a respected US source, Mercola, agreeing with report from New Zealand, that flame retardant is to blame for SIDs:
2. SBS

3. Clean and Green 1851

Link to tests here. You may use regular mail.

4.  Success Starts in Preschool  (although waiting for number, I am approved in all areas)

AUDIO plus answers sent in equal one clock hour.
Link to test for Success Starts..

5. How to Make More Money in In-Home Care

This is an exclusive report for In-Home Operators in Texas who have signed up for my notifications. Free to them. 2 clock hours for audio and exercises and answers to test.
 Link to test for How to Make More Money —

Popular with In-Home Childcare Operators:
Financial Records: Keeping it Straight, Clear and Easy #1699  3 Clock hours   CD with 45 minutes lecture,  with handouts and exercises. FOR FAMILY DAY HOMES. What might it cost you if you just don’t do your accounting? Or do it wrong? What would it mean to you to work a year only discover that you lost money? Or owed the government? How frustrating is it not to know what to ask your bookkeeper or CPA?  Which is cheaper and easier: training or undoing a mess with a tax attorney?  This will get a beginning set up with an easy, clear, and workable system. $20.00  to Sharon Sarles P.O. Box 971 Cedar Park, Texas 78630 Be sure to include your land address!
Booklets FOR In-Home Childcare OR CENTER STAFF
time tested correspondence courses
Introduction to Montessori #1850 ………………… 2 clock hours
Teaching Tolerance and Tolerant Teaching#1700.. .2 clock hours
Self Esteem for Preschoolers.(specifically approved in the 1990s) .3 clock hours (unavailable, update forthcoming)
Games that Teach (specifically approved in the 19990s).1 clock hr
Please send lessons to be graded to: Sharon Sarles, P.O. Box 971 Cedar Park TX 78613, or for faster service to, manually removing the NO SPAM, thanks.
Each, mailed to you, is $15.00, or all four for $55.00 included is grading and certificate for clock hours, when you send in your work. Please send your check today to Sharon Sarles Seminars/Organizational Strategies Publishing P.O. Box 971 Cedar Park, Texas 78630.

FOR DIRECTORS  :  ONLINE TRAINING !  Listen right here.  For certificates, write P.O. Box 971 Cedar Park, Texas 78630

Where else can you get real-world self study training with recognized clock hours for directors of CDCs? ONLY $10.00 each! Yes, I am approved in all areas. Please tell your friends today.

*Time Pressure – How to Squeeze Back! #1669  In 30 minutes, I give a great insight that will change your time as a director! Along with exercise, worth 1 clock hour.

* My 3 Secrets to Hiring GOOD Staff.  Directors also say they can’t get good staff.  Here are my secrets. 1/2 hour long, 1/2 or 1 clock hour ; 3.4 Leadership & Management

*Five Biggest Mistakes Directors Make in Training Their Staff 1 hour long, 1 clock hour in 1.2 Operations, 3.4 Personnel, 3.3 Leadership

For your training certificate,

EITHER 1) send a check for $20.00 per certificate and a self-addressed, stamped envelope, specifying which course you took and  including a copy of any exercise required  to P.O. Box 971 Cedar Park Texas 78630

OR  2) to pay by PAYPAL and use your receipt. My Trainer # 1485. You might want to write down that number and all the numbers associated with each class for your records and be sure those show on your certificates . Each one is recognized by the State of Texas Registry.

Also, BONUS  (for now, this one is entirely free, just email for a certificate):
* How to Use an Outside Consultant or Trainer 1 hour long, 1 clock hour; 1.2, 3.4, 3.3, and 1.3 Program Evaluation

For more on upcoming group coaching see coaching.
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Stay tuned for more services and products especially for directors. Feel free to send me an email letting me know what you need.

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