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We are making some major changes to our website in order to serve you better. Please be patient in the interim. Please do call or email if you have a pressing training/consulting need. or 512-534-5425 Direct Line

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Plan Summer Training Now

Many directors who have centers organized on the school year are planning their training now. My experience is that August is a very busy time for trainers.  Please book your time with me now.  Thanks.

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Need Help Getting the Word Out?

I’ve been working for the past coupe of years on encouraging pastors/ministers/congregational leaders to start childcare centers in their buildings — because I think that would be a great contribution to society. It would help children, their family, their neighborhood, and indeed the nation. There is robust, replicated, reasonable research that shows that congregationally affiliated preschools outperform others. There are lots of reasons for that.
Today, I just thought it might be helpful to get the word out about existing congregationally affiliated, or other high quality centers. I’ve spent quite a lot of hour learning marketing. I’d be happy to share with you. I have developed the “Business Cascade” fro a client: goging from value proposition to marketing to advertising and sales implementation.
Who else would like to work with me on this? Ten session program for on $997.00 — but only until April 30th.
After that, it goes into the Consulting or Online course category.

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Heavily Decorated Classroom Disrupt Learning – Scientists say
Howevermuch you think it is heretical:  too much is too much. Montessori knew that. You know that. Plan your classroom decorations to go with what you are teaching and clear out the old.

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Accepting Engagements for Spring

I am receiving contacts. “We are on corrective action. Have you got some time?”  Would love to help, but might not have time in the next two weeks. Call before you have an emergency.
“We have an administrator who recommends you highly. Can we talk about our training needs?” Oh yes!
“We are putting on a conference. Will you donate your time.”   Do you ask your doctor, your lawyer, your college to donate their time? I do donate time and money, but I can’t conduct business by failing to charge and then spending money to travel, make handouts… you get the idea.
Now, I do understand that a low cost solution is needed for many teachers. This is coming soon! Soon, I will have more classes online.
Also, would love to be conducting webinars for directors, especially for those in congregationally affiliated centers. If you are interested in either directors’ webinars OR  Judeo-Christian Directors’ group(s) — please email me at

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Welcome to a Great New Year

I have been working hard to get some online trainings up for you. Very soon there will be an announcement. Until then, please keep me in mind for any live training or convention you have. Remember I have Professional Master Level recognition — in Texas. I would like to serve  you.
I do apologize! I have just seen a somewhat inappropriate advertisement on my site! This was never the case before. Ah well, the free WordPress site has gone. And someone is not using good judgment about what advertising to put where.  This will soon be gone, as I hope to update my site so that I can put some standard online classes up.
Until then, keep your sunny smile!

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Links Relating to Storybook Selection and Purchase

Caldecott Winners   (Hosted by Association for Library Service to Children) 
Parents’ Choice
The Kindergarten Canon, by Fordham
Redeemed Reader
Some Christian mothers review books:
Advance Publishing, owned by Author and Activist for Character Education, Carl Sommer (fyi aimed at elementary age, but still many books may be good for the 4s and the 5s) 
These were the resource additions to a handout for a session on how to better read/tell stories at a conference for church related preschools.

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Character Development Arising

I got a report at a conference yesterday that more public schools are adopting character development into their curricula. As you know I have been a supporter of this move for a few years. When I started there were at most only 4 other initiatives. Not only do teachers realize this is better for classroom management but also administrators may be finally realizing that studies show that charcter development results in better academic statistics.  Thank goodness for those who have taken some leadership  recently! Today there is a rating for public schools based on how much character development they offer. YAY!
I am continuing to suggest to CDCs that they have me in for teacher training on lesson plans for character development. I am now representing a publishing house for elementary level books in this category.  Please contact me for 1) speaking engagements anywhere 2) consulting for center/school culture in Texas or 3)  for vending character books in Austin, Houston, Dallas or Lubbock.  Please let me know if I can be of help in anyway. 512-249-7629.

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Excellence in Education Has to be Inspired in Your Staff.

Anything you do without enthusiasm makes you less of who you were meant to be. “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” Ralph Waldo Emerson Once enthusiasm is lost, it’s like starting a fire with wet wood. Enthusiasm is: Strength. Joy. Grit. Sweet. Enthusiasm is the difference between putting in your time and meaningful effort. […]

via How to Build Enthusiasm in a Half-Hearted World — Leadership Freak
Call for a consultation about how you can inspire your staff. –Sharon

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Great Time with Directors in Houston

Recently I was in Houston, at a new conference, and once again I had a packed out room with enthusiastic participants. I may be the only trainer around who specializes in helping directors with the business end of their work. We did Time Management and they agreed they wanted me back for my training on Hiring and Firing (that I call Godzilla to Gecko.) The teachers also loved my basic conflict reduction. Think we need more of that in the world? Well, give me a ring!  512-249-7629 and book me for your center or conference.

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