Destiny Discovery: Find Your Calling

I know you want all of your graduates to success, do well, and be a shining testimony to your school. You hope for a good transition to college, training, or workplace. You have given them everything you could. Are they inspired for the next step? Sure it will lead to their calling? To their contribution to Kingdom expansion and common betterment? I am offering a new workshop for Juniors and Seniors to help them find their Vocation, their Calling. Every calling to service is holy, and we hope that every student, every citizen can feel the flow of God’s Spirit in their life and work. My new seminar, called Destiny Discovery helps aim that arrow.

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Employee Training

Teacher training for pirvate schools, all aspects of Early Childhood (Registry Recognized in Texas) and other basic employee training. Now, some online!

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Help for CDC Directors & and new Managers

One on one training for managers, owners of preschools, board training, and learning effectiveness. Assessments for learning problems, school readiness,vocation.New: Lance Wallnau's Destiny Dashboard. New: Irlen Syndrome..

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School Readiness Testing

Now offering school standardized, norm-based readiness tests to licensed childcare centers in selected cities in Texas. However, this and other tests to gauge and plan for academic achievement (but not IQ tests) are available to families. Contact me for scheduling. Know exactly how your child stacks up to expectation as he or she enters…

Help to Start a School

I am hearing cries from a variety of states that people want to start schools. Please call me if you need help. In particular, I can coach your new administrator and train your teachers, so you call can launch and fly together, straight (rather than bumping into one another). Please see recent review of a…

New Opportunities in Texas

I’ve been interrupted, and called to help some local needs: consulting for families about educational placements, proctored Early College Start classes, and other individual/small group educational needs. Please see local site. Yes, happy to do what I can for families virtually, too. Consulting: testing, individualized educational plans, interpreting other tests 7 week individualized program…


Homeschooling parents may find introductory help at, Texas Homeschool Coalition or Homeschool Legal Defense Association. Educators interested in alternative methods may also find help at Parents and educators who want deep info on the vax situation or the dangers of allopathic medicine may find that at searching for Divine Design. For news,…

How Can We Help You?

CONSULTING: Targeted solutions for small businesses including organizational Assessments/original research and implementations including staff training. I started with office organizing and work flow process and made so much difference to the bottom line, that my friends told me to start consulting. See reference letters under “About.” I got more positive change than national consulting firms…

Need Help Getting the Word Out?

I’ve been working for the past coupe of years on encouraging pastors/ministers/congregational leaders to start childcare centers in their buildings — because I think that would be a great contribution to society. It would help children, their family, their neighborhood, and indeed the nation. There is robust, replicated, reasonable research that shows that congregationally affiliated…