Based on my longstanding tutoring, my ability to train staff in many ways, and a certification from Oxford Seminars in teaching English as a second language, I served for several years as a subcontractor for a company that served multi-national corporations. My specialty is in helping professionals polish their English in order to function optimally in their professional environments. The ability to enter into discussions about high level tech, accounting, management, banking and so forth is NOT something that most English teachers do.

We can certainly review grammar, study phrasal verbs and collocations, but the real time correction, the answering questions, and the flexibility of language for professional and personal situations is our specialty.

Forthcoming will be an online course for new arrivals. However, you may contact me for individual help. ssarles@protonmail.com

We are finding that online sessions, with good microphone works at least as well as in-person. In-person available in the north Austin metro area.

Hourly executive ESL $60.00 (Paypal will allow you to choose the number of hours. Paypal will accept your credit card OR your Paypal account.)

Alternatively, if you choose ongoing ESL lessons, at least one hour a week, paid monthly, you can have a discounted rate of $30/hour. (There is no refund or deduction for lessons cancelled on short notice of 24 hours.) After setting up your time schedule with Sharon, please select this PayPal button, and input your amount.

  1. ) 1.5 hours a week, at $30, times 4.3 weeks a month for $195.00 a month

2.) 2 hours a week, at $30, times 4.3 weeks a month for $258.00 a month. (If you would like 1 hour 4 times a week, please use this button two times.)

3. Special situation