What Makes a Good Business?

Often wrong answers circulate in our culture, such as “good guys never win” and “no good deed goes unpunished.” These may seem true upon quick observation. Over time, however, the only small businesses that I have seen both prosper and last have been businesses that offered a genuine service or product with service that tended to make long lasting relationships.
Take one car garage, opened in the 1930s and still going strong today. How many have closed down? Isn’t the whole industry a byword for scams? Don’t you know that often “mechanics” do shoddy work? But, these guys work hard, usually get it right the first time, and fix it if they don’t. They don’t cheat. When I was introduced to them, by a man who knew cars well, I was told, “Sign the check and say thank you with confidence. They will do it right.”
Later, I knew their business better than they did. Some salesmen were surprised that I still took my car there. Yes, I did. A good business is a good business and will remain, because customers will continue to come back.
Won’t they be lured away by cheaper prices and more fantastic claims? Some perhaps, but a good business, an honest business person is one in a million, and worth what they charge.
What do you look for in a business when you are the customer? As time goes by, are you more ready to switch or more ready to stay with the known? Have you found any exemplars of good business?

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