See you at the Director's Symposium in Austin tommorrow

Be sure to get in on my Godzillas or Geckos: Evaluations Prevent Firings tomorrow at 8:30 in Austin at the Capitol Area Workforce Directors’ Symposium. This will be the very first time I have offered this seminar. I know it is valuable because on directors’ bulletin board/email lists, the most common complaint is that difficult employee. How do you handle them? I know everyone hates evaluations! How can you fire them? How can you manage if you can’t fire and can’t hire? Now I hear that directors increasingly face the dilemma of not being able to hire qualified people, so they keep unqualified non-workers. EEK! Does that make you want to roar? I will tell you how to get back to your gecko self, with gecko staff. Goodbye to Godzilla. (It was just toxic waste, anyway.)

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