Curricula for Christian Centers

In answer to questions regarding Christian curricula, I have begun gathering recommendations. Here is what I have so far:
1. Alpha Omega – available both in retail stores and online (see 2 posts below for a discount coupon), full scope and sequence, covers most areas, rather than just Bible Stories
2.Baptist Weekday Educators Association puts out a curriculum. This is in binders, (with some reproducibles and no scope and sequence I think.) Originally developed for Southern Baptist MDO. Please fill us in if you have more information.
3. Gospel Publishing has curricula. Recommended by First Fruits, Marble Falls.
4. Fun Shine Express, along with Concordia Press, was recommended by a Missouri Synod Lutheran center.
5. Alelu, recommended by St. Paul’s Roman Catholic, published by Our Sunday Visitor (RC). Reported to have a lot of RC symbolism. They use the Baptist WDE curricula too, so it seems possible to me that at least the more liturgical churches might find material they can adapt. As in all cases, check to see if you need is filled.
6. I noticed that Group, although it is publishing for Sunday School, has a lot of very flexible material.
A general need was expressed to have curricula that had Christian values infused throughout the entire curricula, rather than only a series of Bible stories that were not integrated with language arts, art, numeracy, etc.
I will observe also, that some of the more favored centers have college educated teachers who regularly create their own curricula, while others purchase from the small selection. This seems to me to be a business opportunity: PUBLISH YOUR CURRICULA in a way that others can benefit.
Please contribute your good ideas below. Thanks.

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