Pre-Service Training Manual – NOW READY

You asked for a high content, all-in-one, reproducible training manual. I made one and you bought it. It is sold out! Well, as am making some more, I am finding ways to improve. Some good formating ideas, some typographical errors, and now a reorganization of the CDs, that I think will make the binder much easier to use. So two offers:
1) updated version will be available for all of last year’s purchasers if you contact me this month, during September for only $5.00 for postage, and 2) During this next week, please feel free to make suggestions for improvements, since I am redoing.
(Oh, gosh, you have no idea the tech challenges, the audio engineering challenges,  the sourcing choices, and formatting — let alone the proof-reading. Well, HalleluJah, glad to be going all this when I look at the big picture. Surveying my work of last summer, I am very happy with the way I did the “Self-Esteem” presentation, calling it “Speak Faith.” After the research I did last year, I am realizing how much improved over the usual this is. I think it will help many centers and all their children a great deal. That is what it is about. Now, let’s see if I can make this CD burner work the way I …….)

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