Calm Ebola Fears

I am hearing from a variety of sources that people are getting freaked out about ebola.  No amount of reassurance seems to help anymore, because people rightly distrust government and do not distrust their information source. You do know that journalism is going to give out topics that they think the public is interested in, and therefore can do nothing but feed a frenzy, no matter how unrealistic. No one considers statistics to determine real meaning; no one stops to consider whether stories are internally consistent;  and no one who has not been in the role of a Director or Principal realizes how much it is necessary to proceed with an abundance of caution.  So, schools, hospitals, and public officials are of course right to do their due diligence and prepare for the worst, but that has no bearing on the fact that we do not have a pandemic, nor is it likely at all that we will.  Freaking out is not helpful.  Stay calm and keeping thinking. Do reality testing. Then do normal, prudent things you should have been doing all along. That is all.
Directors, however, always have a need to keep germs from spreading in their center. The law mandates the use of bleach water. There are other measures, beyond that. One of course can wipe down, spray or soak surfaces, both before and after class. One might sanitize the doorknob during drop off and pick up times.
There are, however, other measures that are not toxic. Bleach of course is toxic; chlorine escapes into the air. How much is too much? I don’t know but if it smells like bleach in the room, that alone is not pleasant.  So as a director, I was on a quest for more measures to reduce germs and reduce toxicity at the same time. Now I have found some answers.  One is UV light. This sanitizes every surface on which the light hits. It is used by hospitals to sanitize rooms between hospital patients.  One must be careful to use this when no one at all is in the room. Indeed, it might be best for a center to purchase not the equipment but a service, since your own employees might hurt themselves. If you want a service, contact me at 512/249-7629 or  An even better solution is an air purifier that has one of several technologies that constantly kills germs in the air. For that, please visit: Air and Water. They stock several kinds of air purifiers.

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