Idea Sex : (No, not ideas about sex) But How to Have More and Better Ideas

For all the managers, directors, entrepreneurs and other professional problem solvers out there, here is an idea on how to generate more ideas. Why should you generate more ideas, you say? Because you need ideas to get you around obstacles, out of holes, and to a better place. We are in an idea economy now. The old industrial economy (making stuff out of stuff) is crumbling, or at least distributing more thinly. The digital economy is just a subset of the idea economy. Well, I guess always, the idea folks rule. Okay, assuming they are good — but how do you know, unless you have more?
Basic procedure is making a discipline so that you become good at generating ideas. Build your idea muscle. Then make “idea sex” meaning marrying up or combining ideas to make more and better ideas. This vocabulary and general idea about how to make ideas comes from Jame Altucher, financial writer, in his new book, *The Choose Yourself Guide to Wealth*, 2015.
I have already made a definite protocol for a high tech guru for how to use this to overcome a big fat problem. If I can help you generate ideas, would love to. If you think that a report about how to generate and use ideas in management and leadership would be a great thing, then let me know.
So, how to you generate creative ideas to get your work team around an obstacle or seeming impossibility?

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