A Chance to Give to Children of Fukushima

My name is Yumi Kikuchi, co-founder of Fukushima Kids Hawaii, a long term colleague of Tom Atlee for peace and sustainability (hope he thinks that way about me and support what I do). I am a mother of 4 children, a writer, a flutist and a practitioner of Japanese traditional medicine, and evacuated from our organic farm in Chiba (next to Ibaraki, which is next to Fukushima) to Kona Hawaii after March 11, 2013.
I am writing to inform you about the situation of children in Fukushima after the earthquake and nuclear disaster of March 11, 2011. There are 59 children confirmed and suspected with thyroid cancer in Fukushima (in 270,000 children). That is very high number as thyroid cancer is a rare disease, normally found 1 per million children. This is very disturbing to me, as a mother who care for the wellbeing of children.
The triple meltdown (melt-through is the right word as the nuclear fuel is out of the containers of 3 reactors, reactor No.1-3 of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plants) still continues today, leaking radiation to the air, soil and water. Reactor No.4 is even worse as the nuclear fuel rods are in the water up in the 4th floor of the unstable structure (not in the container). Any next major earthquake could damage the pool and more radioactivities could be released from the spent fuel (there are about 1500 fuel rods in the pool). This could mean an evacuation of entire north-east Japan and maybe all the downwind countries the worst case.
We share the air and water of the earth and you, Americans, are downwinders of Japan. I really want you to be aware and follow what is going on right now in Fukushima and to us all who share the earth, our only home. This 11 minutes youtube tells you a lot about what has been happening:
Since we moved here, we started Fukushima Kids Hawaii Project, inviting the children of Fukushima to Hawaii’s island to experience a healthy respite from radiation exposure. This winter from Dec 21, 8 are coming to Kona for 2 weeks and we(Fukushima Kids Hawaii) are trying to finance their travels (airfare, food, lodging, activities, ground transportation, etc.) as much as we can and started fundraising on the Indiegogo campaign.
The campaign ends in 2 weeks (Dec. 31, 2013) and I am wondering if you can help us by:
1. Making a contribution from the link below.
2. Sharing this e-mail to your connection.
Mahalo nui loa (Thank you very much in Hawaiian) for your support,
Yumi Kikuchi
co-founding director, Fukushima Kids Hawaii
*If you have any question, please ask me by e-mail.
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