Government Moves on Early Childhood

Just now someone on Washington Week said, “There is now actual research that shows that minority children get fewer words [delivered to them] than white children.” Actually, I just read that research: Experience and the Development of Intelligence in Young Children at Home and in Day Care by Jean V Carew *1980*. This is not news. However, the real indicator is not race but class. Middle class mothers and more educated teachers speak more to children. This makes a difference. Most poor people in this country, btw, are not minorities. And most minorities are not poor.
It was also reported that the senate will be moving on early childhood education this week. My guess is that in that discussion will be another sociological mistake. Most people assume that children in CDCs have higher IQs. This is not what the research shows. Today research is not looking into that question; it is not politically correct to do so. The research will show that if you take the poorest child from the worst situation and put them in the best childcare center then you can raise IQ. There is no evidence that if you put a middle class child into a typical childcare center that you will raise IQ, academic achievement, health, social adjustment or anything else.
Notice, also, that if there is an expansion of government into daycare, similar to what we see in HeadStart or kindergarten, then we will see 1) similar results and 2) the closing of many businesses and 3) pressure on the very best preschools that are church run.
Watch this, engage politically, and be willing to risk your comfort for the good of children.

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