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Character Development Arising

I got a report at a conference yesterday that more public schools are adopting character development into their curricula. As you know I have been a supporter of this move for a few years. When I started there were at … Continue reading

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Looking Around at the Milestone Markers: Where Have We Come?

It is graduation time. After the celebration and the well-wishing for our graduating students, let’s take a few minutes to assess where education is. I know, we are all very interested in taking off, going for summer, sitting by a … Continue reading

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The Biggest Secret of all: Success is Built on Character

“Half the team doesn’t trust the boss” Says Dan Rockwell in his blog today, citing a recent study. When managers withhold information, are unrealistically optimistic, or use put-downs, their employees do not trust them. Without trust, there will not be … Continue reading

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Lower SES Students do Better in Private Schools

“Students in the lowest SES quartile who attended a private school in 8th grade were nearly four times more likely to earn a bachelor’s degree than students from the same quartile who attended a public school.” — Council for American … Continue reading

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Book on childcare policy coming out NOW.

Do you want to put in your two cents about governmental childcare policy? Post now! Want to review my book? Let me know! Thanks.

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Coming to NISOD to talk about interactive activities in college classroom.

Memorial Day, Monday May 26th, at 10:15. at the Convention Center, (in Room 13B probably), I will be hosting a discussion on using interactive activities in the college classroom to encourage student engagement. “Ways to Engage Students: Pros, Cons, and … Continue reading

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Holy Week was Declared Early Childhood Education Week?

This is Holy Week for Christians. Today is Good Friday, leading up to Resurrection Day, the most important celebration in Christianity. Did you notice this week was also declared the Week of Early Childhood? In Texas both parties are talking … Continue reading

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Government Moves on Early Childhood

Just now someone on Washington Week said, “There is now actual research that shows that minority children get fewer words [delivered to them] than white children.” Actually, I just read that research: Experience and the Development of Intelligence in Young … Continue reading

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NCLB coming to early childhood? Please let me know what you think of this. Did you hear President Obama say in his State of the  Union address that we should work on early childhood education?  Don’t you imagine Hillary Clinton will have early childhood … Continue reading

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Teach for America Well intentioned.  Misses the mark because 1) based on charity not sowing and reaping, 2) based on assumption that elite must give to poor, 3) teaches elite maybe but never the poor, 4) fails because it frustrates the few … Continue reading

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