Communicable Diseases in the Workplace

We rejoice with Liberia that they may now close down clinics set up to treat Ebola, given a lack of new cases for more than 2 months. Surely Liberians are grateful both for altruistic doctors and the president’s calling of national prayer.
We in the United States were never under such a great risk from Ebola as one might have imagined from the news media frenzy last summer. However, there are many communicable diseases that may come through our centers. Nowhere are we more concerned with prevention than in childcare centers.
Texas Business Today has an article in their current issue that addresses the situation. Briefly, it says 1. Adopt a clear written policy about the confidentiality of medical information. 2. Adopt a clear written policy for monitoring and managing those who have been exposed. 3. Adopt a flexible sick-leave policy. 4. Educate yourself and your employees on the specific diseases at issue. (BTW, notice I reblogged a list of rashes, with pictures recently.) 5. Identify scope of risk before taking action. 6. Control gossip. 7. Report. 8) Call fcity or county health department for advice. 8. Comply with any investigation, 10. Keep notes and 11. Call employer hotline at 800/832-9394 prior to taking any action if you require additional assistance with evaluating your particular circumstance.
The article did raise cautions against requiring all employees to get vaccinated. Not only are their religious objections that must be recognized, but also there are possible health risks to vaccinations, which would in turn create serious liability issues for the employer who required the vaccinations.  Prevention in terms of sanitation, handwashing, and disinfecting is more important.
Of course, I can not imagine a situation where we would be report any communicable disease suspicion to a government office. I have seen a poster of various diseases and a list of what to do, including those that might need to be reported. Anyone know where to obtain these? Please share.

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