St. Valentine's Day

Today too much of our culture is over-sexualized or over-materialistic and this is reflected in our holiday celebrations. An idea to counteract this is to get back to the origin of each holiday.
Becky Fischer has posted a blog on St. Valentine’s Day.
It is a great time to consider love, how we love, and how grateful we are for the love that is in the world.  How about posting a new heart whenever a student observes another doing an altruistic act. Isn’t that a lot better than competing to see who can collect the most Valentine cards?
Wow, then, what would St. Patrick’s Day look like? Instead of just focusing on green beer and shamrocks, maybe we could talk about St. Patrick. Think of the topics there! Revival, history, geography, culture, legends.
Anyway, here are some ideas for Valentine’s Day.  See if there is an idea that fits just right.
And if you are a church affiliated school, you might pick up an idea from the Roman Catholics:

Religious St. Valentine’s Day Ideas

Please share your good ideas, too.

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