Come to my session on Assessments at AAEYC Saturday aft

Hi y’all! If you come to the AAEYC conference this Saturday, please come to my session. It will be on Assessments, at 2:15pm in Room 8107. Would love to see you! The Conference is held at the ACC Eastview Campus 3401 Webberville Austin 78702. The campus is safe: there is parking and ACC police. The theme is now going to be relationships for success. Lakeshore will offer a session on STEM of course at lunch. You may come even if you are not a member; there is walk up registration. Registration is held Friday April 10 from 3:00 – 5:00 pm and starts again Saturday at 8:00 am. The Opening Session begins at 8:30.
The secret to good assessments: know the different kinds (so you know what you are doing), know that children can learn even over obstacles (so you can connect what you learn on the test with their learning), and talk with love to them & their parents (so they know this will be helpful rather than harmful).
I really would like to see you all. Otherwise, drop me a line? Love and Blessings, Sharon

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