Free info on Starting a Preschool for Pastors

Get your free ebook on how to start a congregational affiliated preschool. Just sign up for it.  Please tell me who you are and what city you are in, and I will send you the booklet in pdf form. Just fill in this form. (Alternatively, email me at

You will want to be on the list to be notified about an upcoming conference. Forthcoming should be a book and a course. Both of these will be a lower priced option than hiring me live — if not as luxurious or as effective. Also forthcoming will be a live event in Texas. Be sure to be on the list by sending an email if you want to come or send your staff :
Of course you know that $120 an hour for coaching or consulting is starvation wages. Yes, for sure. Think of all the time put in in terms of content creation and marketing. That is why consultants normally charge a portion of increased profits. Those that charge by the day go for something like $20,000. Yes, for sure. And they never ever give you their phone number. But, like you, I am a minister of the gospel.
Will be happy to help you start a center. Call to talk to me if you want consulting, whether in the advertised package ($3997) or ongoing ($120 hour for now).
Still available to train and consult directors and train staff.

Teacher of Teachers. Professional, Master Level Trainer for ECD in Texas. College instructor, Trainer, Constultant