Coaching is the Way to a New Level

via Five Essential Principles If You’re Going to Make Your Coaching Successful — Blanchard LeaderChat
Organizational Strategies offers coaching. I used to call it individual consulting. That is real coaching. This means one on one, coming alongside, deep listening, good question answering, and expert knowledge only when it is necessary and relevant. Consulting is normally research and implementation with a group and includes one on one time with the leadership. There is something that goes by the name of coaching, which is really a trainer going over someone else’s forms. We might use paper and pencil instruments for assessments, but right now you are getting Sharon’s own expertise. It is faster and more powerful than training because it is individualized — and because blindspots will be more easily exposed and defeated. Now, this valuable experience, once available only to top executives from national level consultants, is available to you. Only $200.00 an hour. Call now. 512-349-7639

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