Great time at Georgetown Christ Lutheran

Great conference going on at Christ Lutheran in Georgetown, Texas. Lots of good speakers. Excellent participation in my directors’ sessions! We really go to some issues and I very much thank those who participated well.
Later this week I will post what resources I know for teacher training in how to deal with learning differences, so please watch for that.
I promised to post the contributions submitted for teaching conflict resolution to children. Unfortunately our time was cut short (and oops, my fault, profuse apologies.) Unfortunately not so many contributions as I would have liked. They are posted below. Please take the opportunity to submit further comments and contributions!
Contributions of ideas on how to teach conflict reduction to children
Dr. Becky Bailey parenting Book:: Easy to Love: Difficult to Discipline
Ed : Notice that “Conscious” is often a word denoting New Thought or eastern thought, generally critiquing Western/Christian morals and values as if they were unenlightened. Check it out for yourself. Is this in line with your church’s mission? Are there Christian resources that help with our aim?
Using books with stories that resolve conflict that are age appropriate. (Okay, so it sounds like she uses stories that model conflict resolution of the kind children might themselves face.)
Teach us of verbal contact and use of facial expressions. (Okay, sounds like we have already instituted direct teaching, as we discussed, something we normally never addressed years ago. Please list for us suggested resources.)
Social Stories Books (Okay, like what?)
I give the child words to use to communicate to the child bothering them, for examp,e, Sammy, it makes me sad/mad/hurt when you take away my toy. (Great. Would like to see videos of some well-done examples, along with list of potholes.)
Bootsy Barker Bites
Oh, dear, not many contributions. I apologize for inadvertently cutting the time short. I was going by my notes and knew I couldn’t not hold your long, but ah well, we needed more time.

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