Pre-Service On Sale

Directors in Austin are telling me that they have no good product for pre-service training. So I put the first 8 hours, necessary before a new employee works at all, into one binder. It follows the topics exactly as Licensing requires. It is all on CD, along with exercises and little, easy tests you can photocopy. There is even a certificate you can copy — over and over and over. I have put some special comments for church affiliated schools, since they are especially without service, and also my best clients, since so often they are the ones who want quality.
Here is a quality. And now, it is on sale: one half off of the original selling price of $200. So right now only $100.00. That is really only about the cost of getting training done by the government (and we know about that) done only once. Now you will know exactly what the employees are being told: how to be a good employee, how important it is to have positive guidance, and a clean environment. No fluff. No training in disrespect. No side comments that detract from your schools mission.
Quality, with a bargain price. But get it now. Won’t last long.

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  1. Tami Blackmon

    Hello Sharon, I am a Director as well and have little time for alot of things…lol. However, I was interested in the training book to see if you still have some available in stock. Please email me @ m thank you Tami.

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