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Ferguson Says Diversity Training Still Very Relevant

I started doing “diversity training” back in the 1990s. I was wondering if it were really a “dead horse.”  Recent seminar feedback (diversity doesn’t apply here) and recent news (Ferguson. MO) suggest that it is still very relevant today. Please … Continue reading

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News for Family Day Home Operators

I do now how some online courses up, some of which would be good for Family Day Home Operators. How will I let them know about that?  This post! I would like to reach out to those who take care … Continue reading

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Christian Directors Groups Now Forming

If you would like to be in a group for Christian directors and owners, please contact me. We are having such a great time in Austin that I would like to help start such groups in other places. Looks like … Continue reading

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Character Formation Begins in the Cradle

http://www.dadmag.com/dadskills/values.php Michael Shulman, Ph.D. says character formation really does begin in the cradle, with people like us being dependable. I had a great time with a bunch of early childhood educators yesterday evening. We discovered that none of them had … Continue reading

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Poll for Religiously Affiliated Schools

Thanks to everyone who made the “Christian Directors’ Group-Taylor” a great success. Here is the poll I promised. Please participate in polling only if you are a director, assistant director, or owner of a Christian or Jewish school (so we … Continue reading

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Pre-Service Training all in a Binder

The Pre-Service 8 hours-all-in-a-pink Binder is sold out. Well, we will make some more. Glad you liked them. However, the pink binder may be history. We have had some difficulty getting more. So far, only one pink binder available. Now, … Continue reading

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Sale for Thanksgiving!

Here is a great sale — but I refuse to call it “Black Friday.” The Friday is good, and so is the week! I am thankful for all my clients and all the training I get to do. So here … Continue reading

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The 5 Biggest Mistakes Directors Make in the Training They Offer & BONUS

Last week I shared my 3 secrets for hiring good staff.  This followed the big insight on the one big secret to time management for the center director.  This week, my 5 biggest mistakes directors make when they train their … Continue reading

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Reading is Important

God chose to communicate to His creation through a book. You know what that tells me? Literature is vitally important. – @KingCohl #books Dr.  David Dickinson is going to speak in San Antonio about the importance of early language acquisition … Continue reading

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Pre-Service On Sale

Directors in Austin are telling me that they have no good product for pre-service training. So I put the first 8 hours, necessary before a new employee works at all, into one binder. It follows the topics exactly as Licensing … Continue reading

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