Solving the Biggest Problem Directors Have: Time Pressure

Directors have told me for years that their biggest problem is time pressure. And wow, I know, because it was for me too. Time crunch is severe for directors.  Problem number one: time — not enough.  (Second biggest problem is — you guessed it — staff, crazy.)  Let me solve your problems!
I briefly discuss the two big insights of time management gurus. However, neither reduces your time commitments, your duties, the root problem.  My insight does.  Of course, it is not a pink pill that will take away all pain immediately.  You wouldn’t believe a promise like that. However, it is a solid insight, leading to some very practical and doable steps that will reduce your time pressure as a director — if implemented.  Listen now.

The information is free.  The file is about one half of an hour.  There is a suggested activity that brings it to 1 hour.
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Next week: My 3 Secrets on How to hire GOOD staff.

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