Secrets to Hiring GOOD Staff

Last week we talked about how to squeeze back on time pressure. The big insight that other time management experts don’t address is the extent to which your staff impacts your time schedule.  Directors say that their biggest problem is time pressure. They also say they can’t get good staff.  Yes, it is vital to the overall success of your center, to say nothing about keeping your sanity, to hire good staff.  And it is not always easy. This session is for you if you want to improve your average.  I give you my secrets.  Yes, I can tell who will be good. Yes, I’ve used these time and again. Yes, it has changed the centers I managed. You will want to get these simple secrets to transform our life, center, and ultimately help many children.

30 minutes of audio, together with exercise, earns 1 clock hour Special Introductory price $3.99 to P.O. Box 971 Cedar Park, Texas 78630 (send SASE).   Or pay online through Paypal at  CDC Directors’ Page  (I apologize I made this page myself, but trying to keep costs low for you.) and send your exercise to
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For last week’s blockbuster help on time pressure, go to the Directors’ Training tab. File is there. Information is free.  It is perhaps the most valuable insight a director can ever have. I am sowing it into you.  You will see that we are the training company that offers you what you really need: high content help.  However, this is more than a few good trainings. This is  a way to begin to understand the social eco-system that is your center.  Stay with me to learn how to cultivate your “corporate culture” into a beautiful garden.

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