Christian Directors' Group Lunch

In Metro Austin
Taylor: Monday the 13th, one o’clock at Ferrari’s
South: Wednesday the 15th one o’clock at Souper Salad on South Lamar near Ben White
Central: *THURSDAY the 16th* noon at Mi Casa on 183 at Ohlen, in front of El Rancho.
Please RSVP, telling me which one you want.
Topic: “Getting the Word Out” Adm Are 2.4 Marketing
We discovered that according to research the religious schools are outperforming. How do we get the word out about that? One director of a full time program asked the question. Based on assessments, she knows that the children who stay in her program all day do better than those who are pulled out for public school. How could she address that? Other directors see that their rolls are no longer full, after the recession. How could one address that? Let’s share ideas.

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