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Time to Prepare for Job Performance Reviews – Help Here

As Andy Williams crooned, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” No, I’m not talking about Christmas. I’m talking about March Madness! I’m a big fan of college basketball and the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament is like Christmas in March. There are always underdogs upsetting the established favorites and feel-good stories of players overcoming […]

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Most of the managers and directors I talk to hate performance reviews with a passion. However, they are the number one tool to make your staff into the team you want them to be. I have recorded training for directors loaded right now. Get training there. Or call me and we can have a consult. Clock hours for Directors in Texas. Con ed credit for some other professionals. Call now: 512-249-7629.

Are You Coachable? 3 Questions to Consider

Ken Blanchard is the guru of gurus in the consulting/coaching world. Most owners and bosses could use organizational coaching and or personal coaching, but only the most wise seek it out. What are your thoughts? What kind of consulting or coaching do you find valuable? rare?

Source: Are You Coachable? 3 Questions to Consider

See you at the AAEYC Conference April 10 & 11

I will be speaking on Assessments at the upcoming AEYC Conference, April 10 & 11 at the ACC Eastview campus. Even experienced directors will find it worthwhile to come to hear what I have to say; I won’t say what you have heard over and over from others. Ever wondered  what the difference was between norm based and criterion based? Ever wonder how assessments could be used positively?  Every wonder what all the confusion was around testing? I can answer your questions.  Imagine having a real benefit, head and shoulders above the other centers around for your assessment. Imagine having no worries about your children’s transition to their next school. Imagine having no worries about how you will speak to their parents about this. You do not have to be an AEYC member to come. I will look for you!

New Online Training Posted for Directors : # 1 Secret to Good Leadership

Ever wonder what might really work with your staff? I give you the secret, based on years of research, on what staff really respect. You will be amazed!
Online training right here (see Directors click through or Indep Study at bottom) for Texas Core Competencies 1.110, 3.1.4, 3.2.3) for 3 half hour audio, just 4 questions, and 2 1/2 clock hours of credit.
I think it will surprise you. It sure surprised me.
I know you are busy. Take this training right now. No driving in ice!

Training in SECURITY Th 1/15/2015 for Directors

Gregg Bourland, head of the JCC security and trainer to law enforcement personnel will speak to the Judeo-Christian Directors’ group on Thursday January 15th at noon to one.  Please register by calling Sharon at 512/249-7629 before T noon, so we can get a count for lunch and for directions to location.  Yes, once again, we are being treated to a free lunch. This is a vital topic and you will all want to come.

Christian Directors' Meetings

Childcare Directors are especially busy this week, especially those church affiliated ones — Christmas programs! So no meeting this week.  See you January. In Austin we will try to keep to the 3rd Thursday pattern.
Dallas, Arlington, and Houston to be announced in January.
Merry Christmas. Have a blessed and restful holiday season.
January in Austin, we will have JCC’s head of security, someone who trains law enforcement personnel.  This topic should excite everyone.  Given today’s news, we know we must be prepared and prudent. Everybody will want in on this training!
Oh sorry. Was told to make it easier to sign-up and get info. Here you go:
This is link for the Christian Directors’ Group of ARLINGTON
This is the link for the Judeo-Christian Directors’ of AUSTIN
This is the  Christian Directors’ of DALLAS
This is the Christian Directors’ of TAYLOR
And for anywhere, just lists for info:
Directors in Texas LIST
CDC Staff Participants LIST
And please do let me know if you want a Judeo/Christian Directors group in your town.

Ferguson Says Diversity Training Still Very Relevant

I started doing “diversity training” back in the 1990s. I was wondering if it were really a “dead horse.”  Recent seminar feedback (diversity doesn’t apply here) and recent news (Ferguson. MO) suggest that it is still very relevant today. Please keep me in mind as your diversity trainer. Unlike most, I have a Master’s in Sociology and real experience dealing across barriers in a successful manner.  Yes, even if you are “just training in early childhood.”  Yes, especially if you are training any sort of teacher, you need someone with broad background, practical yes, but also scientific.  Not just someone pushing the latest trend. I have some thought-through and tested ideas — ideas that seem to be entirely new to most. Don’t be hemmed in by looking just where your feet are.  Look around to see where you might go.  Then find someone who knows the landscape, and follow her.  Call me today to book me for any training having to do with diversity or conflict reduction. 512/249-7629.

Chrsitian Directors' Groups Coming Up

Arlington Group meets at El Chico N Collins at 11:00
and Central Dallas at Preston UMC at 1:00.  Please RSVP
Austin Directors’ Group will meet 3rd Thursday at the Jewish Community Center at noon.   Taylor Group to be announced.
We are having a great time.  Put your vote in: want new ideas to cut down germs or want new ideas for security?  We got ’em or we will get em. Don’t miss out: Get on the list for notifications.  Email me at

Christian Directors' Group Lunch

In Metro Austin
Taylor: Monday the 13th, one o’clock at Ferrari’s
South: Wednesday the 15th one o’clock at Souper Salad on South Lamar near Ben White
Central: *THURSDAY the 16th* noon at Mi Casa on 183 at Ohlen, in front of El Rancho.
Please RSVP, telling me which one you want.
Topic: “Getting the Word Out” Adm Are 2.4 Marketing
We discovered that according to research the religious schools are outperforming. How do we get the word out about that? One director of a full time program asked the question. Based on assessments, she knows that the children who stay in her program all day do better than those who are pulled out for public school. How could she address that? Other directors see that their rolls are no longer full, after the recession. How could one address that? Let’s share ideas.

Poll for Religiously Affiliated Schools

Thanks to everyone who made the “Christian Directors’ Group-Taylor” a great success.
Here is the poll I promised. Please participate in polling only if you are a director, assistant director, or owner of a Christian or Jewish school (so we match the research.)  (Anyone is free to comment below this post on  the topic, however.)
If you live outside of Austin and want such a group (and surely you do), let me know.  We are here to support one another. Call me today.  512/249-NOSPAM7629.

And please share your stories. What examples do you have of an excellent outcome that you attribute precisely to your dedication to Judeo-Christian values? (Feel free to characterize this in your own language; of course you understand I am trying to make everyone feel welcomed.)