Planning a Venture? Here is a method to plan well.

Would you like to know that your plans have thought of enough and are coherent? Would you like to put your plan on one page so you can clearly understand and communicate it? Want to immediately see the holes in your thinking?
Beginning entrepreneurs and most visionaries see only part of the picture. Others often can’t help because while they see the “holes” they do not see the flash of innovation. How about a one page form, that you could fill out and know? Sounds too good to be true, but it does exist. It is a rather large one page, with boxes rather than short answers, but it works — amazingly well.
To get it, get this book:: Business Model Generation: a Handbook for Visionaries, GAme Changers, and Challengers. by Osterwalder and Pignuer, 2010. .
Available at for about $20.00. That is a pittance compared to years of struggling and then consultant’s fees, and bankruptcy, and starting again consultant’s fees. The experienced entrepreneur would be smiling and nodding at this point, because, yep, that is how it goes. Get the book. Let it help you get clear thinking. It may be harder than ever to start a business, and clear thinking at the outset is even more important than it ever way, and still the highest first hurdle.

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